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Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes. After that who cares? He's a mile away and you've got his shoes.
- Billy Connolly

Billy Connolly is rather indescribable, which makes writing an editorial about him somewhat troublesome. Try capturing a typhoon in a teacup, and you see the task that is ahead of me. It is possible, though somewhat mute, to say how funny he is. But there is funny and there is weeping with laughter, sides aching, wishing it to stop and never stop, all at the same time. You could talk about how he has been 'erect for [over] thirty years' and throughout that time has maintained unlimited adoration by countless fans all over the world. I could discuss his talents in music, or his award-winning acting. He'll probably bark at me for being a groveling bastard, and reasonably so, though he's welcome to while I pay this brief moment of respect to him.

Billy is clearly a talented man, but I think that what makes him so special is not so much his talent, but his endlessly deep wisdom. It is his insight into human nature, his deep, well-considered thought, his self awareness that fuel all of his other talents. His intolerance to the stupid, his irreverence to the pompous, and his aversion to all the grey mediocrities of life are what inject his work with a refreshing and somewhat prophetic spark of genius. Billy Connolly is not simply a talented man, he is a role-model for thought, honesty and liberty.

He does dick jokes too.

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