There are a few simple rules you must adhere do in order to join the Billy Connolly fanlisting:

  1. Obviously you have to be a Billy Connolly fan, and know some of his work (and not, for example, just heard he is cool.)

  2. You don't have to list a website, but if you do list a website, you must have a link back to visible at all times. Preferably using one of the codes provided. Even if your site is under construction, you must still show the link.

  3. ADD THE LINK/CODE TO YOUR SITE BEFORE APPLYING. If I don't see it straight away after you submit the form, your site won't be added to the database (though your e-mail will.) Make sure it is easy for me to find. I don't have time to chase people up, ask them where their code is, et cetera.

  4. DO NOT DIRECT LINK THE CODES/GRAPHICS ON THIS WEBSITE. You MUST upload the link graphics/codes to your own server. I will take actions to enforce this.

  5. If your site moves or your e-mail address changes, update your listing using the form provided. If you don't do this, your listing will be deleted.

If you can follow these rules, please join!

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